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“Good luck needs no explanation”

..unquote: apparently uttered by Shirley Temple, who died yesterday at the age of 85.

I actually felt a little guilty when I heard the news, as I thought she had already died, but I was obviously wrong. Most famous as possibly the first child star of Hollywood, she also entered into politics towards the end of the sixties and even became US ambassador to Ghana in 1974 and subsequently the last ambassador to Czechoslovakia between 1989 and 1992.

By way of coincidence here’s a picture of Temple and her daughter Lori Black taken with The Beatles  in February 1964.

Beatles with Shirley Temple and daughter
pic: pinterest

Addio Abbado

It was with some sadness that I read yesterday the news that Italian orchestra conductor Cluadio Abbado had dies in Bologna at the age of 80. Ironically i was also preparing a blogpost about classical music, my appreciation of which was also thansk to seeing Abbado both in performance and in TV interviews , where he always came across as a very modest and friendly person, not at all the musical ‘snob’ one may associate with a person of such importance and standing.

abbado shirt

I remember one story in particular where he told of his s batons, specially handcrafted in Vienna, being stolen prior to a performance in New York sometime in the 1960s. Abbado promptly went out to a music store where all he could find as replacement was a baton made of plexiglass. That baton has stayed with him ever since.

His work with younger players and youth orchestras is also reknowned, always encouraging youngsters even with little experience to play in groups .  He also spoke often of his hate of limits and boundaries especially between countries. A truly international figure who I am sure will be greatly missed.

Well done to Classic FM for getting a special tribute programme together last night, whereas Radio3 failed to defer from the usual Monday night opera spot.