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Tour de Triomphe

It seems to be quite a big year for British sport, what with Andy Murray winning Wimbledon and now African-born Brit Chris Froome winning the Tour de France in Paris yesterday.

I must admit I know very little about cycling as a sport, even though I live on the Continent where it’s always been very popular as the ‘summer alternative’ to the usual football-mania. Anyway well done to Mr. Froome – the French, and others, must be seething!


Ashes to ashes

Well over in Brit-land (or Eng-land, rather) it’s that time of year again. . time for a big long cricket match against Australia called The Ashes. Having lived on the continent for so long I’ve almost completely lost touch with the sport although as a lad I used to enjoy the playing the  odd game and of course spending warmer summer days indoors watching the balls fly and the wickets fall.

One of the best bits of telly cricket is the music of course, namely Booker T and the MG’s Soul Limbo . Here it is in a nifty little video with  a bit of cricket ‘action’:

The Ashes: England v Australia– live!